Top historical places in the the World

Top historical places

Here is the list of top Historical Places in the World or you can say world Heritage Sites. These Historical places were built in the early times with lots of hard work and dedication. Also in early times, there were no such resources available so it was very difficult to build such monuments.

But the people of that age were having lots of expertise and they always become successful in building such monuments. There are lots of beautiful and amazing monuments that were built in the early times that are not even possible to built today like the Eiffel TowerTaj MahalThe Great Wall of China, and Christ the Redeemer, etc. these are such examples that are not even possible to build again. Also, the techniques that they have used in building such historical places are easily understood by the people of this age and we always think that how did they manage to build such historical places in that time without such technologies.

This article provides you the complete information about such historical places in the world that may also be known as World Heritage Sites. Let’s start with Asia.

Top historical places in Asia

Tourism in Agra Fort

The Agra Fort is a world heritage site and one of the best historical places of India that is situated in Agra. Agra is second famous just because of this historical monument after the Taj Mahal. The total area of the fort is around 380,000 square meters (94-acre). There are 4 main gates in the fort first one is the Khizri gate, second is Delhi Gate, the third one is Lahore Gate also known as Amar Singh Gate for Amar Singh Rathore.

Tourism in Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves-30 Buddhist rock-cut cave temples are found in Aurangabad (Maharashtra district). These caves are full of sculptures and paintings. Ajanta Caves are the most famous tourist spots for the tourist from all over the world and since 1983 the Ajanta Caves are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourism in Akbar’s Tomb

The Akbar’s Tomb was built in the year 1613 in the Sikandra (Agra) by the king Akbar and Jahangir. Here you can find out the Burials of Akbar, Zeb-un-Nisa, Flora Annie Steel, and Chekannur Maulavi in the tomb. The total area is 119 acres. It is also one of the most visited historic places in India.

Tourism in Gateway Of India

The Gateway Of India is one of the famous historical sites that was architected by George Wittet during British rule.It is located on the waterfront, in South Mumbai’s Apollo Bunder district. The total height is around 85 feet and the diameter is around 15 meters (49 feet). The construction was started in the year 1911 and ended in the year 1924.

Tourism in Temples of Angkor Thom & Angkor Wat

Angkor Thom is situated in Cambodia and was the capital of the Khmer empire established in the late twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII. The architectural design of the Angkor Thom is Khmer, Dravidian.

Tourism in Great Wall of China

Top historical places

China’s Great Mural was designed to keep the country protected from other nations. It was made of stone, concrete, earth tamped, timber, and other materials. King Qin Shi Huang resumed construction.

Tourism in Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is in Dongcheng (Beijing). It was a Ming dynasty royal palace until the end of the Qing dynasty (1420 to 1912). It was opened in the year 1420. National Palace Museum used to take care of this palace. Forbidden City was an architect by Nguyễn An, Cai Xin. It is one of the most famous historical places in China.

Tourism in Potala Palace

The Potala Palace in Lhasa (Tibet, China) was the main residence of the Dalai Lama. The total elevation of the palace is 3,700 meters. It was opened in the year 1649. The height of the palace is 117 meters.

Tourism in Taj Mahal


The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan and was opened in the year 1648 in Agra. The Taj was built in the memory of his late wife Mumtaj Mahal. The Taj was an architect by Ustad Ahmad Lahori and Ustad Isa. Taj Mahal is also listed as one of the Wonders of the World. Taj Mahal is one of the most visited historical places in India. The total height of the building is 73 meters.

Top historical places in Europe

Tourism in Oxford

Oxford is a famous city in England and is world-famous for its University Oxford University. It was established in the 12th century. Here you can find different colleges and schools. It is one of the most historic places in Europe. The main point of interest is the Bodleian Library, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University Museum, and the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. The total population of Oxford city is 159,994 and with this population, it is the 52nd largest city in the United Kingdom. The total area is around 45.59 km2 (17.60 sq mi).

London’s Historical Walk – Tourism in England

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The Catacombs of Paris or Catacombes de Paris are the ossuaries (meaning: an ossuary is a chest, box, or site made to serve as the final resting place of human skeletal remains after death.) that are situated in Paris, France. Due to some reasons, it was closed for the visitors from September 2009 and then reopened again on 19 December (same year). Catacombs are one of the most famous Museums that was established in the year 1810.

Les Catacombes, Paris La Alhambra, Granada, Spain The Pantheon, Rome Roman Forum/Palatine Hill, Rome Olympia, Greece The Acropolis, Athens, Greece The Old City Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia Auschwitz and Birkenau, Krakow, Poland.

Top historical places in America

Tourism in Boston

Boston has got a great history of its own as the state was a victim of significant events that occurred during the American Revolution such as the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and the Siege of Boston. Known as the international center for higher education and medicine, Boston ranks up in the most livable city despite its high standard of living. Ted Williams Tunnel, John Hancock Tower, and The Boston University Bridge are few among the most incredible places that ought to be seen when one visits Boston.

Tourism in Washington D.C.

World-famous Washington, D.C was chosen to be the capital of the United States by Sir George Washington. This city is the home of the three Federal Governments, the White House, the Supreme Court, and the Capitol Building. Do not miss to tour the White House, visit various museums, Mount Vernon where George Washington lived, Lincoln Memorial, the National Zoo which has over 2000 animals, Ford’s Theatre was Lincoln was assassinated, the Washington Monument, and many more wonderful and beautiful historical places. The best time to visit Washington is during spring and autumn but there’s so much to see that it cannot be achieved in one visit.

Tourism in Williamsburg

This city has the credit of being one of America’s first planned cities. The Colonial history of America is preserved here. The College of William & Mary is the second oldest educational institute in the United States and is the Alma mater of three U.S Presidents and many other personalities who carved a name in American History. The Historic Triangle formed by Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg attracts more than four million tourists every year. Bruton Parish Church, Courthouse, Governor’s Palace, living-history museum are few other places of historic importance and World Heritage sites that one must visit. Feeling tired with the historical places; skip to have a blast at the theme park and water park.

Tourism in Philadelphia

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed in the city, rightly called the birthplace of the American Democracy. What else can this city ask for? But Philadelphia has also witnessed some of the great events in the history of America. This most important historical city in America has a list of places that tourists get attracted to. Few of them would be The Liberty Bell Center, Independence National Historic Park, the Big Italian Market; Eastern State Penitentiary where the Prisoners were isolated, Mitter Museum, Benjamin Franklin Museum, The Magic Garden, The Barnes Foundation and the list goes on and on.

Tourism in Charleston

This holy city is the second-largest metropolitan in South Carolina. One cannot talk about the naval history of the United States without mentioning the harbor of Charleston. It is such a beautiful place that can be visited at any time during the year. This city was voted as the top destination for romantic couples, families, and also a great place for foodies. Charleston does have many historic places such as Dock Street Theatre, Charleston City Market, Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, historic Charleston Battery, the haunting old slave Mart Museum which will definitely make us travel back in time.

Tourism in New Orleans

Who can forget the hardship this city faced by Hurricane Katrina in the year 2005 and we wonder how this city survived. But to everyone’s surprise, the city still shines as the major destination for tourism, conventions, and major sports events. The top recommended place to visit in New Orleans is the Preservation Hall. Jackson Square normally referred to as the Heart of New Orleans is quite busy and full of entertainment during day and night. Walking by foot in the Garden District will be a memorable experience. Do not worry about the budget, it’s New Orleans! If you have money spend, but that’s not necessary. Many of the historic places can be visited free of cost.

Tourism in Savannah

Beautiful Savannah continues to attract tourists from various parts of the world. Not only the elegant architecture and historic ironwork but more than 140 varieties of bamboos in the Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens attract visitors in huge numbers. Each of us will have our own pick in this gorgeous city and the atmosphere over this place is always relaxed. The best way to enjoy the historical district of Savannah is to take a stroll or travel on a horse-drawn carriage. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Old Fort Jackson, Fort McAllister State Historic Park are few places of historic importance.

Tourism in San Francisco

Almost all landmarks in San Francisco have a history buried in it. The Fort Point at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge was used to protect the Bay from Naval attacks. The Cliff House and Sutro Baths which was renovated time in again is a place to be visited during day time. The famous China town and Angel Island which preserves more than a hundred Chinese Poems are housed in San Francisco. Adventurous people can try exploring the hills of San Francisco. More adrenaline can be pumped when you are on a Rocket Boat ride but this is available only during the month if May to October.

Tourism in San Antonio

This is the first place in Texas where Civilians settled. San Antonio takes pride in attracting close to twenty million visitors a year. A ten-day celebration of the city’s diverse culture is hosted during April of every year. San Antonio’s River Walk, the Zoo, museums, Historic Sunset Station at St. Paul Square, Japanese Tea Garden, La Villita Historic Arts Village, four hundred acre safari park, are the best tourist attractions. You can also enjoy many exciting rides at Six Flags Fiesta. Taking a Helicopter tour to explore the city will be an exciting experience. No wonder the city attracts these many tourists.

Tourism in New York City

New York will definitely be a dream destination for many travelers. People from all over the world wished to immigrate to this vibrant city. New York was the capital of the United States from the Year 1785 to 1790. But this wonderful city still remains the cultural capital and the city of the best historical places in the United States. Brooklyn Bridge in this city reminds us of New York’s architectural innovation since this bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time of its construction. Chrysler Building, the Middle ages Museum, Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, Central Park are a few among the whole list of places that you will like to visit again in New York, and of course, there are many free attractions also.

Top historical places in Africa

Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi, tourism in Kenya

Once the farmhouse of Danish author Karen Blixen, this place is now preserved as a museum with spectacular gardens around. This place became a tourist spot after the release of the Oscar-winning movie ‘Out of Africa’ which was based on Karen’s autobiography. The film was also shot here. This farmhouse was owned by many people before it was finally opened as a museum in 1986. The architecture of the house is considered to be that of the late 19th Century. Located 10 km outside of Nairobi, this museum is located at the foot of Ngong Hills. There are extensive gardens and historical places to hang around. There’s also a book shop selling Karen’s books.

Dinosaur footprints, Lesotho, tourism in Roma

Top historical places

One might mistake this place to be the movie sets of Steven Spielberg considering the enormous footprints of dinosaurs that are scattered all over. Local kids act as tour guides and take us to the place since it is on top of a hill. Many of the dinosaur fossils were excavated from this place. Few footprints are also found near Roma. This place is considered as a heaven by archaeologists and paleontologists due to the large number of specimen samples that they get here. Also enthusiastic people from all over the world visit this place. One kind of Dinosaur herbivore Lesothosaurus is named after Lesotho. Since this place is not preserved, the footprints of the giant animals are getting eroded by bad weather and people scare that it may soon vanish.

Rock paintings, Village Ha Tjooeng near Pitseng, Lesotho

The rock paintings at Lesotho are also called the Bushman paintings. These paintings are very hard to locate without the help of local people. The path that leads to the rocks is also not an easy one to cross. Similar to Dinosaur footprints found in Lesotho, even the rock paintings are not protected. But it’s really a wonder that these paintings have withstood for all these years. During the old age, people took shelter under the rocks and they’ve illustrated their modes of living on these rocks. We can also find paintings of various animals and their haunting mechanisms.

Murambi Genocide Memorial, Around 30 km west of Huye (Butare), tourism in Rwanda

This place has a great historic event attached to it because of the massacre of thousands of people of the Tutsi community by Hutu’s. This is indeed a terrible place of destruction. The Tutsis were betrayed by the Bishop and a mayor who asked them to hide in the School giving assurance of their protection. These people were later killed and buried in the same place. A volleyball court was built over their graves in order to hide the crime. The School has now been made a memorial and it exhibits skeletons and mummies. The cruelty of the Hutu can be well understood from the skeletons of children and infants which are found in large numbers.

Roman amphitheater, El Jem, tourism in Tunisia

Most of us would have heard the famous saying that ‘Rome was not built in a day’. That is the significance of Roman architecture. A classic example of this is the Roman amphitheater of El Jem built on flat ground, this monument is supported by complex arches. This is one of the largest amphitheaters in the world with a capacity of accommodating 35000 spectators. It is advised not to accept for organized trips; exploring on your own will be a good option. You can give a treat to your imagination. You can find the cells from where wild animals were let free to fight against the gladiators in the arena during old times. This place is preserved as a World Heritage Site and one of the best historic places in Tunisia.

Nyero Rock Paintings, A few km west of Kumi, Eastern Uganda, tourism in Uganda

These rock paintings belong to the Iron Age period. You need to travel 8 km West of Kumi town in Eastern Uganda to view this site. No one ever has any clue about the architects of these paintings. Listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, this has three-tiered rock shelters. People of this place have strong cultural beliefs and hence the rituals practiced here is been a threat to the destruction of these paintings. Even though this place is declared as one of the World Heritage Sites, it does not receive the required support to preserve these paintings. The paintings depict what the ancient people saw, believed, and the way they lived, and this definitely needs to be made safe for future generations.

Top historical places in Australia

Tourism in Bennelong Point

The first thing that strikes our mind when someone talks about Sydney is the Opera House on Bennelong Point. This place was originally called the Cattle Point and was named after Bennelong, an aboriginal man who lived here. Located on the harbor, the Sydney Opera House is considered one of the best buildings constructed in the last century and is a perfect example of the world’s great architecture and best historical place. Surrounded on three sides by water the Opera House is a visual treat for tourists. The Royal Botanical garden which borders the southern part adds to its beauty. This venue is always busy hosting various events such as Comedy, Music, and theatre throughout the year.

Tourism in Darwin Military Museum

A visit to the Darwin museum takes us back to American history when Darwin was bombed by the Japanese troops during the Second World War. You can also find historical collections of artillery pieces, military uniforms, paintings, firearms, and military vehicles used during wartime. To get a real feel of what happened back then, there is also a twelve-minute film shown to visitors on the first raids that happened in this place. They also conduct exhibitions portraying the happenings of the First World War and Vietnam War. Photographs of the disaster will make our hearts melt. This museum definitely reminds us of the attack in Australia.

Tourism in Fort Lytton

This place has got tremendous historical significance. Fort Lytton which is located on the mouth of Brisbane River proved to be the coastal defense for Queensland until the end of the Second World War. The museum here reveals the story and life of people during wartime. Soldiers of Queensland were trained here. Although this place has got a huge history this is somehow left out by many tourists. Fort Lytton is open on all Sundays. With great passion, many volunteers are readily available in abundance and are keen to explain the significance of Fort Lytton. Try loading some guns if you want to have some fun.

Tourism in Fort Scratchley

Once a coastal defense installation, this place has now turned into a museum. This was built to protect people from possible Russian attack. The guns at Fort Scratchley were used to fire Japanese men during the Second World War. Fort Scratchley is located on Flagstaff Hill and on the mouth of the Hunter River. The view of the City from this point is mesmerizing. It will really be an awful experience to see the things and materials that were used during historic times. There is also a tunnel running from Stockton Army Barracks under the river to Fort Scratchley.

Tourism in Hyde Park Barracks

This place is one of the most significant convict sites in the world. Hyde Park Barracks played a vital role in the world’s largest and longest-running system of convict transportation. When the transportation ended, the building was used as a place for female asylum for some time. This was Australia’s first government built convict barracks. This building was built by none other than Australia’s first architect Francis Greenway. Today this place serves as a museum and one of the world’s heritage sites. Various books on the Colonial history of Australia are available at the museum shops. Also, experience the life of the convict.

Tourism in Kakadu National Park

This park is the largest national park in Australia and the second largest in the world. Located on the northern territory, there is greenery everywhere and this is also a place for adventure. Every creation of nature can be experienced ranging from monsoon rainforests, wetlands, waterfalls, ancient rock paintings, and the astounding diversity of wildlife. One may get scared of seeing the saltwater crocodiles in the wetlands. This park is the home for more than three hundred species of birds. Avoid visiting the place during the wet season as many of the roads here get flooded. Kakadu National Park has the highest number of reptiles, frogs, and fish species. The rock arts are a thousand years old. No wonder that this park is included in the World Heritage Sites List.

Tourism in Maitland Gaol

If you have a great passion for history and thrill then do not miss this place. This place looks creepy all the time especially more at night. Most notorious criminals have spent their time here. Many have been legally executed and there were also more deaths that were not recorded. Most people like visiting this place at night to find if there are any ghosts. This so-called haunted place attracts visitors from all over the world. Paranormal activities are also tracked and recorded by many people though people who work there do not agree with this. Sure an interesting place where the stones and the cells have untold stories.

Tourism in National Museum of Australia

This museum took almost one hundred years for completion due to various reasons. Visit this museum to know the history of Australia. National Museum’s innovative use of new technology is one of the many things that are talked about. The architectural brilliance is sure to be applauded. Get to know about the land and people of Australia by visiting this museum. Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Burley Griffin, the place is splendid inside as well as outside. Check the timings of various museums since you may not wish to miss out on any event. This museum is full of vibrant colors with so much in it. It is also listed as one of the best historic museums in Australia. And most importantly have a nice trip!