Top tips for travelling with your dog

DOGS. Top tips for travelling with your dog

Traveling with a pet has become the usual affair since many people cannot imagine going on vacation without their dog. However, loading a canine in a car and going on a trip requires numerous precautions. Just as you take care of your own safety, you must do the same for your dog and make sure both of you are safe and sound during the entire voyage. If you plan to bring your four-legged friend on a journey, be sure to follow a couple of rules that will help both you and your pet enjoy the trip.

1. Prepare in advance

Dogs can be quite unpredictable, so before you decide to go on a vacation with your dog by car, be sure to have a few test drives. Go on little shorter routes and see if the road is bearable to them. Many canines tend to get sick during a drive, which can be really uncomfortable for both of you. What’s more, you’ll see if the pet is restless and what it will take for you to calm it down. The last thing you need is a dog with motion sickness, making your trip insufferable.

2. Keep them entertained

Once you’ve had the chance to see how your dog behaves during the test drive, make sure you know the right way to keep it calm during the trip. While many pets prefer to sleep and lay down in the car, others can’t help but become fidgety. In case your dog can’t stay put, try to keep it entertained with its favorite toy. If you’re not traveling alone, the other passenger can sit in the back seat and keep the dog company, so it doesn’t become too anxious. Also, don’t keep the window open, because many dogs will put their head out which can be dangerous; wind and cold air may cause lung infection and inner-ear damage, so keep the dog inside the whole time.

3. Pack a dog’s travel kit

Just as you pack your essentials in a small bag, you should do the same for your dog. Traveling out of state will require you to take its health records along. It’s possible you will meet other travelers with dogs, so in case your dog gets bitten or bites another dog, you should be secured with its health record. What’s more, keep it vaccinated and healthy to prevent any further problems. Pack the kit with bandages, nail clippers, and other small first-aid items. Waste bags, treats, water bottle, and a leash should also be a part of your pet’s traveling kit. Additionally, label the kit with a name, destination, address, and cell phone number, and don’t forget to choose some of the great pet ID tags in Australia for your dog, so you can find your dog easily in case it gets lost.

4. Make frequent breaks

A long drive can be exhausting for both you and your pet. To make the trip more tolerable, try to take short breaks to relax, stretch your legs, and have some water. Your dog will also be able to walk around and relieve itself. Use the break to feed your dog, because feeding it in the car can cause motion sickness. Additionally, always keep your dog on the leash during the break, so it doesn’t run around or act unpredictably and cause an accident.

Going on a trip with your dog can be thrilling but also challenging. Therefore, before you hit the road, have a couple of test drives, and see how your dog will react to them. Don’t forget the essentials, pack the medications, take frequent breaks, entertain them during the ride, and you will be fine. It will be the safest trip you’ve ever had.

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